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Israel: Quarantined on camp: blessing in the chaos

It was set to be an exciting week. Students of the IFES movement in Israel, FCSI, were gathering for their Bible conference. The focus? Understanding the Old Testament context and bigger story that points to Jesus. Alongside the local and resident international students, a group of 17 German students had flown in to attend. But then the coronavirus struck…

Staff worker Lavinia shared more:

“The Ministry of Health updated new regulations nearly hourly. Shortly after the guests’ arrival, the government decreed that all tourists needed to go immediately into self-quarantine. Fortunately, there were different houses on the campsite so the German students were able to stay there. We gave them the material and instructions, a guitar, and brought them every meal as they were not allowed to leave the house. What a mess!

As best as possible, we continued the conference. Despite it being the most chaotic conference, it became one of the most blessed as well, and helped lots of students. One told me afterwards that just a few days later a topic from the Old Testament came up when talking to her Muslim roommates. She felt equipped and strengthened to share her new knowledge and this opened up a great conversation about faith.”

  • Praise the Lord for the way He reminded FCSI that He is on the throne and sovereign in every situation; His plans are unthwartable and He is utterly faithful and good.
  • Pray that many more FCSI students would have opportunities to share what they learned at the conference about Jesus and the Old Testament with their non-Christian friends.
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