Pray for two mission weeks in Ukraine

Pray for sceptical students in Kyiv

Will God limit my freedom? Wasn’t Jesus just a moral carpenter? Don’t all religions lead to God? CCX Ukraine students in Kyiv find their friends ask these kinds of questions a lot. They’re praying that their mission week ‘Myth Busters’ will help address some of these misconceptions. Every day this week they’ll be inviting their friends to go along to afternoon lectures and café-style evening events to hear the Christian response to these questions. Third year student Oksana shared more:
“God is good! To our surprise we’ve been given permission to hold the mission week events in a student café on our campus, absolutely free of charge! The venue is near the faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Most of those students are sceptical regarding the existence of God and the spiritual world. Please pray that many would accept Jesus in their hearts.”

Pray for international students in Kharkiv

500km away in the city of Kharkiv, students of CCX Ukraine are running a mission week as well. This will be their fourth. Over the last few years they’ve seen God at work in amazing ways, but there are still thousands of unreached students on their campuses. Students there are particularly praying for opportunities to reach out to the 20,000 international students at their university.

Please join us in praying for these mission weeks:
  • Pray for Christian students to be bold in inviting their friends along to events this week.
  • Pray that misconceptions about the Christian faith would be corrected and that many non-Christians would hear and respond to the gospel.
  • Pray that CCX Ukraine students would be able to follow up well with those they meet this week.
Thanks for praying with us!
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