Mexico: Why pioneering student ministry matters

José* is a busy medical student in the multicultural Mexican city of San Cristobal. He loves Jesus and wants to share the good news with his friends. But it’s hard. José has a part-time job to fund his studies, on top of a busy workload at university. His faith is tested by the huge variety of ideologies and religious practices surrounding him. And José doesn’t have much support as there is not yet an established IFES ministry anywhere in the region.

Over the last two years, the IFES Breaking New Ground project has been supporting pioneering work in this region. COMPA Mexico staff worker Daniel has visited the area several times on pioneering trips and is now preparing to move there with his young family. Meeting students like José helped him to see the need for an established student ministry:

“There is a great need to disciple the new generations – those who embraced the gospel years ago but never received follow-up or training. Students like José need deep roots in the faith and the support of the body of Christ if they are to serve the university and impact society.”

Please join us in prayer for God’s work in San Cristobal:

  • Pray for the practical and financial needs of Daniel and his family as they prepare to move to San Cristobal to help pioneer a student ministry.
  • Thank God for José’s hunger to know Him more and share Him with his friends. Pray that José would have wisdom in managing his time and that he would grow strong spiritual foundations this year.
  • IFES is currently supporting the launch of 51 new student fellowships in Mexico. Pray that all of these new groups would become established and thriving.

*name changed

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