Hong Kong: Perseverance in troubled times

Like most students involved in ministry in Hong Kong, Speech and Hearing Sciences student Grace juggles several ministry roles alongside her heavy study schedule. One of them is as student representative on the board of the Hong Kong Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES).

Just a few short years ago, universities here were the scene of violent clashes between student activists and political authorities. The ensuing security crackdown resulted in many thousands of young people leaving the island city, leaving others deeply demoralised. Grace tells us that a recent FES Bible camp focused on this ongoing wave of emigration, and provided a space where students could seek from God the courage to persevere. Reflecting on how the disciples must have felt at Jesus’s last supper, the young people were encouraged to rethink their position within the suffering community.   

Thanks to the generosity of those who gave to World Assembly scholarships, Grace will join 900 students, national ministry workers and IFES staff this week in Jakarta. This opportunity for our global community to unite in worship, study, learning, and fellowship has historically had a profound impact on both individuals and organisations.

Grace is excited to tell the worldwide IFES community how God is working: 

“God is preparing groups of student leaders who are willing to take up the responsibilities in their respective fellowships. Through their actions they have been witnessing to God’s grace and commending themselves to others… [At] World Assembly, I would like to see how God is making all things new in other countries. I look forward to experiencing more [of] God’s work both [in] me and [in] the board of students. Thank you!”

Please join us in praying for Grace and other student witnesses at World Assembly:

  • Pray that they will be encouraged, refreshed and strengthened by this unique and precious opportunity.
  • Pray that Grace, and others witnessing in difficult contexts, will discover practical ways to help their fellow students to grow in perseverance on their return. 
  • Pray that all those working in student ministry in Hong Kong would know God’s presence and peace.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire hope and trust in all working in student ministry in situations that seem bleak in human terms.
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