Europe: Light a Fire

An exciting development in IFES Europe from the last decade is the growth of the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER). This IFES network operates in happy partnership with many evangelists and Christian leaders from across the continent.  Organizers are encouraged to see a growing confidence in the public proclamation of the gospel in the universities of Europe. The network has pioneered hundreds of mission weeks across 40 countries with a growing team of evangelists equipped to speak at them. In November they organized a conference with 550 participants from 62 countries including Burkina Faso, Mexico, Argentina, and Nepal.  Michael Ots, Field Director for FEUER, gives an update. 

“One of the biggest highlights was hearing the reports of evangelistic initiatives over the last year. Despite all the challenges and restrictions associated with Covid-19 it was great to hear how groups have creatively and courageously used online platforms collaboratively to continue sharing the gospel. One example was across the Balkans where hundreds of students and staff logged on to hear evangelistic presentations from professors, professionals and preachers from around the world.” 

As a result of these presentations, a Serbian professor came to faith. He had been invited to give feedback from a non-Christian perspective, not knowing that the week would change his life. Now, other evangelists are calling him a Serbian John Lennox. He is now part of a group learning to preach. 

Michael says, 

“We also heard of how groups in Ukraine and Israel have been creatively using Instagram to post short evangelistic talks, the latter being inspired by the Scottish Christian students who had hosted a whole week of events for every university in the country. We were reminded through these stories that we shouldn’t focus not on what we can’t do – but think about what we can. Don’t just see the challenges of the present situation but also focus on the unique opportunities that it presents.” 

  • Do pray for lasting fruit from these and many other initiatives. 
  • Pray for even more bold and creative ideas of how to proclaim the gospel during this time of uncertainty. 
  • Pray for countries that have just joined the network to grow in their confidence in publicly proclaiming the gospel. 

All the sessions from this year’s conference are now online and can be viewed on the website  If you have a passion for sharing the gospel in universities and would like to be better equipped, why not join next year in Coma Ruga, Spain from 28th – 31st October? 
Contact for more information.  

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