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Senegal: Learning to pass on the baton

Sébastien got involved with the GBUSS Senegal movement during his high school years and became a cell leader. He was full of enthusiasm for the Lord and worked hard to make Him known. Two years later, he even started a new cell group in another high school, an 8 kilometre walk away. It was an exciting time.

But when Sébastien left school and went to university, the two cell groups he had led gradually dwindled away, and within two years, they had folded completely. Why did such a promising start fizzle out so quickly? Why does that happen so often in movements across the world?

Sébastien recently reflected on what he thinks was missing: the passing on of the baton. Training up the next cohort of leaders is critical for a group to survive. They need to understand and own the vision; they need to be active participants and they need to feel connected to other groups across the country.

Sébastien is now keen to re-pioneer in a way which, God-willing, will last. He asks us to join him in praying that a strong and lasting student witness would be established across the country.

  • Pray for Sébastien as he seeks to re-pioneer student groups – for wisdom, faithfulness and perseverance.
  • Pray for this current generation of Christian students in Senegal to understand the gospel deeply and to be bold in sharing their faith with their friends.
  • Pray that staff and students pioneering new groups across the IFES world would know how to pass on the baton effectively so that groups would not fold.

Thanks for praying with us!

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