Canada: How Daniel is empowering students like Adam to plant new groups

Adam was a quiet freshman when staff worker Daniel first met him. Adam was from a different college without any student ministry, so he came along to IVCF Canada events at the University of Ottawa. After a year, Daniel had an idea. He asked Adam if he’d consider planting a new group at his own college.

The group started out small, but gradually grew until it had to split into two groups! Adam was left to run the first group and lead the weekly Bible studies on his own, while Daniel helped another student lead the second group. Adam reflects:

“As a leader I’ve had to grow quite a bit. I’m naturally a very quiet, introverted person but I’ve had to push myself out of my comfort zone and engage with the people who come along.”

Staff worker Daniel’s role of empowering students like Adam to lead is crucial in this pioneering work. Daniel recently attended the IFES Breaking New Ground gathering for young pioneers. He, and IFES movement staff across the world, need your prayers for wisdom and vision to build up student leaders in 2020.

  • Pray for the two new groups at Adam’s college to grow in numbers and maturity in the coming year. Pray for new leaders to be found.
  • In such a vast country, IVCF Canada staff are not able to be present in every university. They must raise up students to start and lead groups. Pray that they would be effective trainers and enablers.

Thanks for praying with us!

Breaking New Ground

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