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Connecting through Prayer

World Student Day is this week! On this day, thousands of students around the world will come together in prayer for the university, and we invite you to join us.

To help movements pray for their international brothers and sisters in a personal way, we have collected prayer requests from around the fellowship. Below we share two of these requests to help you begin praying.

BCSU Varna, Bulgaria

Christianity is in competition with many other ideas, lifestyles and distractions even for the students who believe in God. The challenge for Christians is to see God’s mission as a priority so great that they intentionally live to be part of it.

Pray that new Christian students would join our small group and would embrace God’s call to be and to make disciples. Pray that students would prioritize God and His mission above all else.

Lorena, Argentina

Pray that God would send mentors and advisors for our secondary school students.

Please pray that those who are finishing high school in physical isolation can enjoy this stage differently and plan their future with faith in Jesus. Pray for those who could not start their university career or saw it interrupted by the pandemic or work. Pray for those who are not able to connect to our studies of the Gospel of John. Pray for their encouragement and desire to read the Word of God.

Want to discover more prayer requests to help you pray on the day? Follow this link to add yourself to the prayer map and find prayer requests from students around the world. As we approach the day, don’t forget to pray that God would move in mighty ways as his global church gathers around his throne.

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