Moldova: Christian Hackers Solve Problems

What happens when you unite Christian technology developers from around the world? You create a mass collaboration of problem solvers. Welcome to #HACK2020, a technology conference that defies borders, geographic constraints, persecution, and isolation. It produces innovative products for society and brings the gospel to the unreached. #HACK began at Urbana in 2015 with two Christians who work for NASA. Since then it has grown into a massive annual event worldwide.  

Each year, #HACK gathers computer programmers, developers, and technologists for intensive collaboration. The internet makes it possible for groups to meet both locally and transnationally. Creativity is their fuel. Collaborators search for innovative angles to tackle a set of local and international challenges. Each project aims to solve a problem in society or to extend the reach of the gospel.  

For the past few years, students from CSC Moldova have been an active part of #HACK. They have worked creatively to develop apps and platforms to address cyberbullying and catalyze gospel storytelling. More recently they have developed a library management system and a music streaming app to aid students with depression.  

Vasile Stan is a CSC student who has participated for several years now. He has served as the lead facilitator for #HACK in Moldova and hopes to start the event in Romania next year. Vasile is passionate about getting more students involved. He says: 

“I am happy that this year more students will be participating online. This will challenge them to interact and work together on the projects. I hope that after the event we will have new useful and accessible tools for our community to spread the Word!”  

Many other IFES students around the world will also participate. This week pray for those involved in this year’s #HACK2020, happening next month.  

  • Pray that the students have creative energy to come up with innovative solutions.  
  • Pray that their efforts would make the Gospel go further in areas that are difficult to reach.  
  • Pray that the platforms, websites, and apps that are created to solve problems will compel non-Christians to learn more about the Gospel.  

Want to join #HACK2020? Learn more here. 

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