Guinea-Bissau: Challenges facing one new IFES movement

 “Today I work as a magistrate and a missionary.” 

Sona* was just one of the students impacted by GBU student ministry in Guinea Bissau. Through attending GBU Bible studies and training events, Sona felt called and equipped to serve both in the law courts and through opening the Bible with others. 

Guinea Bissau desperately needs more graduates like Sona, committed to living as disciples of Christ, and transforming their workplaces, churches and communities. The West African country is one of the poorest in the world and faces problems of infrastructure, political instability, and drug trafficking. Most people practise animism or Islam. 

In July this year the student movement officially joined IFES. While there is much to celebrate in reaching this milestone, the GBU movement needs our prayers as much as ever. 

There are currently five GBU groups across the country, but this year numbers have declined. Universities do not have campuses, so students tend to go home straight after their classes finish. They would like to be able to offer students snacks during the meetings but cannot afford to do so. Please pray for breakthrough: 

  • Pray for more students to attend and lead GBU groups as the new academic year gets underway. Pray that groups can be started on new campuses. 
  • Pray that God would provide the financial support needed for the ministry to flourish.
  • Pray for wisdom for the general secretary and those who work with students in Guinea Bissau. 
  • Pray for more graduates like Sona, committed to living as disciples of Christ in in their workplaces and communities. 

*name changed 

Thanks for praying with us!

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