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Tanzania: Because we are all called to go

For students in TAFES Tanzania, Christmas this year will be one to remember. 1200 delegates from across the country will be spending it together at the bi-annual GO conference, looking at the book of Esther. The purpose of the conference is to help students and associates develop a missional mindset, and to consider how God has brought them to their campus or workplace “for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14 [NIV].

Two years ago, a law student John Msemo, attended the conference. What he heard there left a deep impression:

“I remember one of the seminars on Evangelism through your Profession. There were only about 30 of us in the room. The speaker encouraged us to make evangelism part of our daily routine – in the classroom, over breakfast, at our hostel. He told us that no-one was better placed than we were to reach our own friends. I left feeling responsible to tell my law friends about Jesus. Praise God, many law students did turn to Jesus and are still going strong today. The conference really changed my perspective on mission and evangelism.

Now I am a new staff member with TAFES, and I’m helping to organise the conference. My prayer is that students will be inspired like I was and equipped to reach out tirelessly in their workplaces and areas of study. We must not say we are too busy. There are no excuses, no exceptions. We are all called to go.”

  • Pray for safe travel, easy logistics, and a rich time of fellowship at the conference, 22-27 December.
  • Pray that as a result of this conference, TAFES students would grasp more deeply how precious the gospel is and would be excited to share it with their friends on campus.
  • Pray that they would be equipped to enter the workplace with a missional mindset. Pray that they’d have courage to work in a distinctive and godly way, whatever the cost.

Thanks for praying with us in 2018!


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