Belarus: A Nation in Turmoil

While their peers around the world are using their September to buy books and check course schedules, students in Belarus are protesting. On 1 September, university students in Minsk skipped the first day of class to march in protest of the recent election. Many were beaten and arrested.  

Currently, the entire country is in turmoil as the opposition parties are calling for a new president.  In addition to the political unrest, the nation has experienced a high number of coronavirus cases. Many Belarusians feel hopeless at the state of their country.  

Beyond the instability of current affairs, Christians are also facing persecution for their faith. Pastors are being arrested and church members are detained for questioning. Yet, many Christians see the political strife as an opportunity to share their hope in Jesus. Will you pray for Christians in Belarus this week?   

  • Pray for courage and peace for Christian students as they continue to share the gospel in these uncertain times.   
  • Pray for Christians who are arrested for their faith. Pray for strength for their families.  
  • Pray for peace in the nation of Belarus.  
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