Philippines: An empowering heritage

After 67 years, Dr. Gloria Casabal still remembers the excitement of finding her faith in university. After all, she was one of the original students to attend the first ever IVCF Philippines Bible study with pioneer worker Gwen Wong. Through studying the Bible with Gwen, her faith matured into a lifestyle that would carry her through the highs and lows of life.  All these years later, Gloria has watched the world change in many ways. Yet, she always found security in God’s ability to remain constant. She had also witnessed the church continue to share hope no matter the circumstance.

Since their lives were so impacted by Gwen’s mentorship, Gloria and her husband Vic have wanted to use their own gifts to empower students. Since graduating, they have given faithfully to the movement. Their donations are normally used for bills, rentals, camps, and staff salary. But with summer events cancelled due to the pandemic, the money would have been unused this year. Instead the couple approved an initiative to make home-made face shields for police and other people on the front line.

With funding from the Casabals, staff, students, and graduates in Cebu City made face shields using foam and thin plastic. Their initiative was so well-received that others wanted to help. When an IVCFP alumni group in the USA saw the Facebook posts, they provided funds so that the work expanded to three other islands in the region.

The Casabals are a beautiful example of the way IFES graduates and supporters can empower current students. Thanks to their ongoing commitment to this national movement, this project allowed IVCF to share hope despite difficult circumstances. This week let’s praise God for graduates like the Casabals. Let’s praise God for the projects that offer hope to communities. Let’s also ask God for his protection over countries like the Philippines, which have been hit hard by the virus.

  • Thank God for the impact that this practical act of service by students and staff has had in Cebu City and beyond and pray for other community initiatives created by IVCF. The National Office Staff are also helping to cook and deliver meals to the homeless in Manila.
  • Thank God for the Casabals and other faithful supporters who enable ministry to continue.
  • Pray for students who continue to be affected by poor internet connection and low budget for Wi-Fi.
  • Pray for the secondary students who attended the online National Leadership Summit in July.
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