Guyana: A call to pray for Mahdia

This week’s Prayerline is a modified version of an update originally shared in the 8 June edition of the CARIFES Prayer Bulletin. To receive the CARIFES Prayer Bulletin, sign up here. 

On 21 May, the Caribbean region was shaken by the devastating news of a fire that broke out in the girls’ dormitory at the Mahdia Secondary School in Guyana. The fire claimed the lives of at least 19 children and injured several others.  

This extraordinary tragedy has deeply saddened IS/IVCF Guyana, the Guyanese people, and the IFES fellowship in the region. Since the fire, the national movement has been working with staff and contacts from the Mahdia area, including a pastor from the area who has offered a home and given initial guidance regarding immediate needs. The CARIFES regional team has been active in reaching out and offering all possible support to the national movement. 

IS/IVCF Guyana has sent a team to Mahdia for a five-day trip, during which they supported and served the residents in several ways. While in Mahdia, the IS/IVCF team hoped to make new connections and have a lasting impact. They have shared a full report in their own prayer newsletter here

Pray for IS/IVCF Guyana & the town of Mahdia: 

  1. Pray for the bereaved relatives of the 20 children who perished in the fire. Pray for all who are grieving, that they may find comfort and peace, and that they may also find God in the process. 
  1. Pray for IS/IVCF Guyana as they continue to grieve and offer practical aid after the fire, and pray for the CARIFES regional team as they stand with the national movement at this time. 
  1. Thank God for opening doors during the IS/IVCF visit to Mahdia. Pray that God will continue to grow relationships that were strengthened or started in the recent visit team visit.  
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