Our mission team

Students, staff and supporters all around the world


IFES is all about students! We work in more than 180 countries to establish student-led indigenous Christian movements. While we work primarily with university students, in some countries school students and graduates are also part of the national ministry. If you are a part of a national movement on your campus (like KGK Japan, UESI India or AFES Australia), then you are an integral part of IFES!


We could not do what we do without our supporters. They pray for IFES ministry, give financially to fund student evangelism, and offer their time and skills as volunteers. They are people who have caught the vision for IFES student ministry and partnering with us around the world.


Our student leaders owe much to the efforts of IFES staff at various levels – local, national and global, full- and part-time, paid and volunteer – who work to disciple them and grow their leadership skills.

Local and national staff are supported and appointed within national movements. Local staff work with students in a local area. National staff co-ordinate the work across the country as a whole.

Global staff operate at regional and international levels:

Global Leadership

The IFES General Secretary works with a diverse leadership team to give oversight to IFES as a whole.

Regional Leadership

Regional staff coordinate the work within 11 IFES regions. Each region has a regional secretary; some regions also have staff who oversee a sub-region or a particular area of ministry. Together they develop plans for their region. Meet our regional secretaries:

Global Resource Ministries

IFES has a number of initiatives that support student ministry at international and regional levels. These ministries enable movements to effectively live out the IFES vision.

International Services

IFES ministry is supported by International Services based in Malaysia, the UK and the USA. These teams work in areas such as finance, information technology, support development, communications and human resources to care for the needs of staff and national movements. Meet our chief officers: