For eight days in August (2-10), Mercure Convention Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, was buzzing with colour, movement, conversations, and worship. It was IFES World Assembly, our quadrennial global gathering. 

The 845 participants—students, staff, and guests from over 160 countries—were arriving out of the immense challenges of the last four years; they were hungry for a sacred and safe space to honestly connect with God and each other. A diverse program, unified by the theme tabah dan tangguh (Indonesian words conveying strength, fortitude, resilience, and perseverance), met that need.  

“The theme Tabah dan Tangguh was so touching for me – to be resilient 
and stay in God’s kingdom, even if the situation doesn’t look good.” 

Nathnael, Ethiopia 

In sermons, seminars, small groups, and the arts, we journeyed together through the book of Psalms to hear what God had to show us about becoming resilient witnesses who can thrive together in ministry amidst all of the challenges we face in the world today.

We give thanks to God for World Assembly 2023. Please pray that it will have a lasting impact on our national movements and student groups.

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World Assembly 2023
Enjoy vivid snapshots and inspiring soundbites from IFES World Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia.

About Our Hosts  

Indonesia’s IFES movement, PERKANTAS, were joyful and generous hosts throughout the preparation and running of World Assembly 2023. This is their backstory: 

PERKANTAS (Persekutuan Kristen Antar Universitas/Christian Intervarsity Fellowship) was founded in Jakarta on June 29, 1971 by Jonathan Parapak, Soen Siregar, and Jimmy Kuswadi. During their college years abroad in Australia in the mid 1960’s, they enjoyed great spiritual growth and they felt a strong urge from the Lord to initiate student ministry in their home country.  

After coming back to Indonesia, they began campus ministry through prayer and Bible study groups. More than five decades later, that little spark of student ministry has become numerous flames burning in campuses and schools throughout the country. By God’s grace, the ministry grew and became a blessing for campuses and cities, leading tens of thousands of students to Christ.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the student ministry, especially since most schools and campuses have postponed face-to-face activities. Many fellowships, Bible studies, and trainings are conducted online. While online meetings can be a temporary solution, face-to-face meetings are irreplaceable. Students must still be reached and taught to know Christ and grow in him, both online and face-to-face. Give thanks for PERKANTAS and pray that their work will continue to thrive as they adapt to new realities.