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Miracles for student actors in Brazil

Sarah finds Jesus still heals and saves

When I first considered taking part in The Mark Drama, I knew it was going to be an interesting challenge. But I never imagined it would be one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

Immersed in Jesus’ life

On the first day of our ABUB Brazil student leadership training, we watched The Mark Drama, a 90-minute dramatic retelling of the whole of Mark’s gospel. It was presented by students from different regions. It was great to experience how The Mark Drama gives the feeling of being immersed in Jesus’ life.

After two weeks of intensive Bible studies, teaching and workshops on ‘The path of the cross’, looking at Mark’s gospel, the student leaders split up. Most students went to serve local churches or NGOs. But I was one of 15 students who joined the Mark Drama group.

Miracles first-hand

After three rehearsals we had the first presentation. It was quite an experience! 90 minutes before it began, one of the actors fell sick. We couldn’t do anything – except trust! We started to pray and worship, knowing that God does everything right in His way.

With 15 minutes to spare, the actress who was sick, stood up, prayed with us and was healed! We could start the performance, trusting God to speak through us. Despite some mistakes, we saw God acting in that place and many people were interested in knowing more.

It was a great reminder to us that Jesus calms the storms in our hearts and does miracles.

We thought it couldn’t get any better… but more was to come!

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An even better miracle

On the second day, the venue was full – people filled the corridors and had to stand. At the end of the performance, we noticed a student giving his life to Christ, declaring the same things we had just been praying. We discovered that his friends had been praying for him and sharing the gospel with him for a long time. He had gone through some very hard moments, but through the drama God revealed Himself as his Lord and Saviour. We were so grateful to God!

The whole experience of doing the Mark Drama gave us a fresh, deep and personal experience of who Jesus is. It helped us understand more about Him and renewed our faith.

All of the students at the recent ABUB Brazil student leadership training were encouraged to organise performances of The Mark Drama on their campuses this year.


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