Daniel Bourdanné — IFES General Secretary

Daniel Bourdanné awarded the Kuyper prize

IFES General Secretary Daniel Bourdanné has been awarded the 2018 Abraham Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Life at Calvin College in Michigan, USA.

The prize is awarded to those considered to have made a significant contribution in the areas of theology and public witness, academically and actively.

Daniel Bourdanné was chosen to receive the prize because of his involvement in the development of global student ministry. Throughout his career he has worked to promote the flourishing of students in every sphere of campus life, such that they might impact their universities and societies with the gospel.

25 years ago, he saw the need for Christian students to have guidance from a Christian worldview, on a variety of topics that were of concern to them: sexual ethics, traditional religious practices, calling and careerism, the meaning and purpose of being a student. He founded a French-language Christian press to engage eminent African Christian leaders to write on these topics, and that press is still in service today. In his leadership he has emphasised the need for local and national leaders to learn more about Christian thought and mission, and he has fortified IFES leadership training seminars.

The prize is named after Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch neo-Calvinist theologian and politician. Previous prize winners include Richard J. Mouw, Elaine Storkey, Nicholas Wolterstorff, awarded for their contributions to theology, philosophy, and public witness.

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