Thailand: The challenges of campus evangelism

How can we pray for students in Thailand? What is the spiritual climate in the university today? Michelle, a staff-worker for TCS, the IFES movement in Thailand, explained more: 

“Students today struggle with broken families, relationships, academic stress and isolation. We haven’t seen much change in the spiritual openness of students. Today, it’s easier for a Thai student who is curious about Christianity to go on the internet and explore the Christian faith. But the easier internet access also means it’s easier for them to get wrong information (sometimes from cults). Many Thai students today are more open to listening to a gospel presentation, but they are not open to taking the next step. Many still think that to be Thai is to be Buddhist, and they identify Christianity as a Western religion. 

In this context, evangelism is essential, but far from easyNext month 100 students will attend the TCS national camp. Pray that through it, students would be equipped to share Jesus with their friends with confidence, pastoral sensitivity and prayerfulness. 

Pray with us for the work of TCS Thailand: 

  • Pray for Christian students to put God first in their lives rather than getting swept away by pursuing success and becoming too busy for God. 
  • Pray that many Thai students this year would come to see that Jesus alone offers the love, identity, peace and wholeness they need, and would put their faith in Him.
  • TCS will be hosting the East Asia Regional Conference in July 2020 for 700 delegates. Pray for their planning and preparation.
  • Pray for two new TCS ministries: a Christian Teacher Fellowship, and a digital ministry currently creating on an online discipleship platform. 

Thanks for praying with us!


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