Romania: Taking time away to build deeper relationships

Student ministry in Romania can be discouraging.

Take Andrei, for example – a student in Bucharest who had started coming to church and Bible study. But one day he stopped: “My parents think I’m weird. They’re worried because I’m studying the Bible, instead of doing normal things like going out with girls.” Andrei never came back after that. Or Christina – she seemed very open at the evangelistic event, but two weeks later she said she was too busy with studying and working part-time: “I know it’s important. But I’ll think about it more when I have kids, or when I’m retired.” Stories like these are very common in Romania.

In a strongly Orthodox culture where evangelical Christianity is viewed as a cult, it can be hard to tell your friends about your faith. And the social media-obsessed culture makes sharing the gospel difficult too: most students have hundreds of Facebook friends, but very few real friendships.

The evangelistic ski camps in February are a great opportunity for OSCER Romania students to bring their friends to hear about Jesus and to build deeper relationships with them. Join us in praying for them:

  • Pray that OSCER students would be bold in inviting their friends to the camps and pray that they’d build deep and lasting friendships through it.
  • Pray for the speakers as they prepare their talks, that God would inspire them and enable them to present the gospel clearly and winsomely.
  • Pray for students like Andrei and Christina to have a desire to seek and know Jesus changed.

Thanks for praying with us!


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