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Estonia: Resiato dreams of reaching the nations on campus

Resiato*, an international student from Kenya, has big dreams. She wants to start an international student ministry at her university in Estonia. Her motivation? The Great Commission from Matthew 28. Resiato sees her campus as a platform to make disciples of the nations.

It’s a big dream, but Resiato isn’t alone. A staff worker from another IFES movement heard about her plans and recently travelled to meet her. They spoke about how to share Christ with international friends and how to start a ministry. Within a few months Resiato was taking a Hindu friend to church regularly, and had arranged to talk to church pastors to share her vision.

The majority of international students in Estonia come from Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine, but there are many from India, Bangladesh and Azerbaijan as well. Resiato reflects:

“I’m interacting with so many different cultures. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t. But the materials from IFES definitely help me carry out the Great Commission.”

Resiato needs your prayers as she seeks to establish an international student ministry in Estonia:

  • Pray for Resiato as she shares her vision and gathers leaders to help reach out to international students.
  • Pray that many international students would be reached with the good news of Jesus through this new group in Estonia.
  • Thank God for partnership between IFES movements. Pray for more opportunities to encourage one another and share resources.

*name changed

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