Ghana: How graduates are transforming communities in one year

The classroom walls are bare. Five or six teenagers crowd around each small wooden table, reading. Their teacher is not much older than them – Helena. She’s just graduated from university and is spending a year serving a community in northeast Ghana, as part of the GHAFES Ghana STICS program.

Helena is there with another graduate, Bright. Together they’ve set up a reading club, two youth clubs and a library – besides their ongoing work of teaching in the local school, serving in the four churches and sharing the gospel with the 95% Muslim population.

Graduates Peter and Faustina are serving elsewhere on STICS programs, teaching and working with the local church and community. The area they’re in is 98% Muslim. There is no internet, no lighting. Temperatures are regularly well over 40°C. It’s not an easy environment.

But Peter and Faustina have been able to start a reading and writing club, preach regularly at church, offer career guidance and counselling for high school students and speak at community durbars (meetings for the local community where issues like education or hygiene are discussed).

Will you pray for these GHAFES graduates this week?

  • Thank God for the 35 graduates taking part in STICS programs this year, seeking to bless rural, poor communities in Ghana.
  • Pray that God would sustain and equip them. Their workloads and responsibilities are great!
  • Pray that these communities would be changed as people hear the gospel.

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