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Bangladesh: Thanking God when bricks are flying

Niloy’s friends don’t always come to BSFB fellowship meetings. Some Christian students in Bangladesh are from Muslim families who don’t approve of their faith. But even those from Christian families are often forbidden from attending! Why? Some are concerned that their children are too busy already with a huge university workload. Others are worried for their children’s safety: when students meet, they risk having bricks or sticks thrown at them by aggressive non-believers.

In addition to these social obstacles, the COVID-19 restrictions and the devastating Cyclone Amphan will create more challenges for Niloy and his friends to share the gospel or fellowship in the coming months.

However, prayers answered in the past fuel their encouragement for the future. Earlier this year Niloy and his friends were able to hold a BSFB event on the theme of thanksgiving. The money for the event came in just the day before! Niloy remembers:

“Through this program, we realised that we should always rely on God and show our gratitude to him. It was a blessed day. Many students even accepted the Lord as Saviour that day! Since then I’ve seen students are connecting to God with a stronger faith.”

Let’s pray for Niloy and BSFB Bangladesh this week:

  • Thank God for the 1,800 high school and university students involved in BSFB Bangladesh, and particularly for those who professed faith this year.
  • Pray that God would help these students to find ways to keep meeting despite the enormous challenges of COVID-19 and Cyclone Amphan.
  • Pray that students would remain thankful and faithful to God, despite the persecution and challenges they face.
  • Pray that God would provide a way for two regional camps and a governance training for the BSFB board to go ahead this year, perhaps postponed or online.
  • Pray for opportunities to start ministry in the country’s medical schools.
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