Chad: Leadership training yields fruit  

Ezéchiel is passionate about student ministry – he likens the student training offered through IFES in Francophone Africa to “a workshop that transforms lives”.  

He should know. Ezéchiel sees the difference it’s making in his native Chad and he’s experienced its life-changing impact for himself. Once a student leader in a polytechnic small group, Ezéchiel is now the General Secretary of his national movement, Union des Jeunes Chrétiens (UJC). 

In IFES, we sometimes express the importance of developing leaders as “investing today to impact tomorrow”. Ezéchiel’s story is a compelling testimony to that. Over the course of 15 years, he received investment that is today bearing a fruitful return. This is how he describes that journey: 

Through the student groups ‘Groupes Bibliques Universitaires’ (GBU), God opened my eyes to life in Christ. I was born and raised in a Christian family, yet led a life without regard for God. But, thanks to a missions conference held by GBUAF (the IFES movements in French-speaking Africa) and the Bible teaching given there, I came to realize my need to let the Holy Spirit take the lead in my life! I repented and started a new adventure with the Lord. Even though there have been some struggles along the way, I’m seeking to live God’s way and remain committed and determined to serve him.  

While studying at the Université Polytechnique in the Eastern Central part of my country, Chad, I restarted a UJC small group. Today, with various groups on campus and among graduates, we can speak of the UJC in Mongo – it’s no longer just one small group.  

When I returned to the capital city, N’Djaména, I was asked to be a staff worker. This enabled me to benefit from training at different levels: with our national movements, sub-regional gatherings (missions conference of Central Africa), regional gatherings (IFES Francophone Africa), and international gatherings (IFES). The training initiative that has perhaps had the greatest impact is the African Centre for Contemporary Christianity (CACC). The guidance and teaching helped me personally – and have been a great blessing to the movement because, since April 2023, I have been its General Secretary.  

At the CACC, I realized my potential and developed many skills, including: communicating effectively, developing a ministry plan, equipping students, implementing creative thinking, working in a team, using the Bible to teach, adopting efficient working methods, mobilizing resources, and learning independently.  

I thank God for GBU student ministry – not only as a setting for studying the Word of God, evangelism, mission, and prayer, but also as a place for training and transformation.  

Ezéchiel Baroum Kongdi, General Secretary of UJC Chad 

Throughout December, IFES is raising support for three regional leadership development initiatives, including a training program in Francophone Africa. We all want to see more stories like Ezéchiel’s. Find out more here.

Let’s pray for Ezéchiel, UJC, and a good response to the leadership development appeal: 

  • Give thanks for Ezéchiel and for God’s work in raising him up to be General Secretary for UJC Chad. Pray that he will continue to grow with godly wisdom as he leads the movement through two major initiatives: the formulation of a new strategic plan for UJC and the construction of their headquarters.  
  • Pray for training programmes across Francophone Africa, such as the Common Minimum Program which provides student leaders with foundational skills in evangelism and discipleship. Ask God to provide the resources needed so that leaders like Ezéchiel can be formed. 
  • Ask the Lord to use this month’s Growing Godly Leaders appeal to meet the needs of strategic training projects in Francophone Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean. 

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