by Sarthak Navjivan on Unsplash

United States of America: International students share Jesus through virtual storytelling

Ling, a Christian international student from Asia, learned the value of storytelling in her InterVarsity/USA international student fellowship.

She read that God commanded the Israelites to ‘remember’ and constantly share their testimony of how God had delivered them. So Ling decided that each week through video calls she would share with her mother stories of how God was working in her life.

Before long Ling’s brother wanted to hear more about Jesus too. They met virtually each Friday and Ling shared stories of Jesus’ miracles and teaching. Then her sister joined their Bible discussions! Within three months, Ling’s mother, brother, and sister all decided to follow Jesus. Ling has continued discipling them through video calls.

These days are particularly challenging for international students who are away from their families and unable to fly home. But through technology, they can stay in contact with those back home – and even lead family members to know Jesus!

Let’s pray for them this week.

  • Thank God for Ling’s commitment to sharing stories of Jesus with her family through video calls, and praise God for His saving work in their lives.
  • Pray for international students in the USA struggling with anxiety and loneliness to find peace and comfort in Christ. Pray that they would feel well supported during this time.
  • With so much time being spent connecting with those back home, pray that Christian international students would be boldly sharing stories of Jesus with their family and friends.

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