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Uruguay: How IFES Governance Development is making a difference

Nico met Jesus through Toto while they were colleagues, and the two became friends. Some time after that, Toto quit his job and accepted a role as the General Secretary of the IFES movement in Uruguay, CBUU. Nico was still a young Christian, but he had expertise in administrative and management issues, so he volunteered to be part of the CBUU board.

He knew it could get awkward. His friend had now become his employee. How would he maintain impartiality in the face of decision making? How could he say yes or no freely while preserving their friendship?

This is where the IFES Governance Development training came in. It helped them clarify crucial questions: what is the relationship between the board and the general secretary? How should they deal with conflict? How are their roles different? How could they work together to advance student ministry in Uruguay?

These questions are crucial for every IFES movement board and general secretary to work through. Healthy boards lead to healthy student movements. It’s that important.

Will you pray for the work of the Governance Development team?

  • Pray for CBUU board members this weekend during their Governance Coaching Program, led by Carmen, one of the Governance Development team members. Pray that they would be helped to govern well, making wise decisions and strengthening the national movement.
  • Pray for recent and upcoming Governance training for the movements in Niger, Lithuania, Colombia, Gabon, the DRC, Antigua & Barbuda, Ghana, Burundi and Guatemala.
  • Pray for the boards and individual board members now taking Governance Development e-learning courses.

Thanks for praying with us!

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