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Liberia: A secret atheist comes to know Jesus

Student Larwuo was one of the LIFES Liberia evangelism team. Each week the group would go out on campus to meet people and try to tell them about Jesus. But Larwuo had a secret. She didn’t actually believe in the Jesus she was proclaiming. She only did it to please her father, who was a pastor.

One day she opened up to a staff-worker about her beliefs. For years she had been exposed to the gospel and had been involved in Christian activities, but below the surface it was a different story. She just didn’t believe it.

Over the following year however, Larwuo agreed to look into it again, with a genuine desire to know the truth. She read the Bible and continued to meet with staff. Slowly, it started to make sense. She became convinced of the reality of her sin, her need for God’s grace and committed her life to Christ.

Today Larwuo still goes out on campus to share the gospel with other students. She’s doing the same thing she used to do, but this time it’s different. Before she was pleasing people. Now it’s for Jesus.

Many students in Liberia call themselves Christians, but don’t have a firm faith in Jesus. Pray with us that many would move from nominal Christianity to a genuine faith in Christ over the coming year.

  • Pray for Larwuo and other Christian students as they seek to share their faith with others on campus. Pray that they would share it faithfully, clearly and boldly.
  • Pray for LIFES staff to have wisdom as they get alongside students and help them understand the foundational truths of the gospel.
  • Pray for financial resources to support four new members of staff.

Thanks for praying with us!


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