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Our work

Today's students are tomorrow's world leaders. Yet universities, although they are centres of thought, leadership and innovation, on the whole fail to engage with foundational Christian truths. As a result, students are being sent into the world unprepared to be the leaders of integrity that the world so desperately needs.

Our primary calling is to engage the university, and to support students at this crucial time when they are exposed to prevailing philosophies and theories to which they are able to bring a Christian perspective.

'Change the university and you change the world.'
- Charles Habib Malik, Former President of the UN General Assembly


How we work

Most of our programs and services are aimed at supporting student ministry in the following areas.


Students have the opportunity to engage with their peers, to listen with openness and sensitivity to the conversations of the academy, and to present a credible Christian perspective on key issues. We seek to equip students in effective witness, to encourage them to initiate spiritual conversations with classmates, to hold evangelistic bible studies and mission events, and to live in ways that demonstrate grace and generosity.

Leadership development

We want to see students grow into lifelong disciples of Christ, and to become leaders of integrity and vision in their lives beyond university. We encourage students to build on and flourish in their leadership skills, to develop character, and to foster Christian minds and global hearts. We invest today in order to influence tomorrow.

Pioneering: new countries and new campuses

Since our beginnings in 1947 our calling has been to establish a vibrant Christian witness in every university of the world. Whilst we are now present in over 160 countries, there are still countries and campuses to be reached. With worldwide student numbers forecast to grow to 262 million by 2025 our mission field is rapidly expanding. We seek to continue our pioneering work, even in places where Christianity is actively opposed or illegal.

Strengthening and supporting national movements

We want to ensure IFES national movements are well supported, providing them with the resources and training they have identified as a need, establishing campus ministries that can be sustained by local leadership and initiative. Our organisational structure provides various services and ministries that support, maintain, and advance our work and vision. 

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