Give to make a difference to students in Francophone Africa and Latin America today

A huge thank you to our artists, and to all who gave towards the PANAF conference in Francophone Africa and the creative evangelism workshops in Latin America. The opportunity to receive a sticker as part of these fundraising campaigns is now closed; although you can still make donations here.  

All around the world, students are eager to be trained, equipped and inspired to share the gospel with their fellow students. Your gift to the Sticker Campaign will help make that happen – for thousands of students hoping to attend the PANAF conference in Francophone Africa, and for those who need space to pray and consider how to creatively reach the students in their university with the gospel across Latin America.  

Why are we calling it the ‘Sticker Campaign’?
Over the past few weeks, sticker designs have been created and selected, sourced from our own creative community on Instagram, in partnership with Generous Generation.
We want to send one of these stickers to anyone who partners with us by giving to enable these projects. Your sticker will serve as a special thank you, and a token of solidarity with these students who will benefit. 

The stickers can represent your partnership in the gospel with us, as we work, through a student cross-national conference and the provision of evangelism training, to bring a gospel witness to every university campus in the world. 

What are we raising money for?

Here are the two projects that will benefit from gifts to the sticker campaign:


Every three years, students in Francophone Africa gather to worship, discuss and share fellowship together. PANAF’22 is scheduled for 6-13 August in Bujumbura, Burundi, hosted by the national movement UGBB Burundi. This year’s theme is ‘The Eternal Christ in the Present Time’, and 500 participants from 19 countries are expected to attend.

Throughout the history of IFES, we have seen that conferences have the power to transform lives, and the effects of a pivotal experience at a conference can reverberate into eternity. We are praying that PANAF’22 will be no different.

Could you be part of making this happen, with a transformative impact on the students who attend and a strategic impact for the student movements in Francophone Africa?

Creative Evangelism Workshops in Latin America

The Latin American regional team are committed to training students in evangelism. In 2021, they developed the ‘Mission in the University’ Workshop – and now they are looking for the funds that will allow them to not only continue the training online, but launch it in-person for the first time.

During the training, participants look at past evangelism initiatives that have been successful, such as Uncover Bible studies, the Mark Drama in Brazil, art festivals in Guatemala and Puerto Rico, and the environment-focused Genesis project in Ecuador. They analyse themes and come up with a project that could work well in their own context, implementing it over the next three to six months.

The regional staff are praying that through this work, God would renew the commitment to the gospel amongst students in Latin America, sparking enthusiasm and creativity to help movements reach new generations of students in a relevant and loving way.

Your generosity will catalyse evangelistic confidence amongst the students and movements in Latin America!