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C01: Women in God’s Kingdom work

In English 

The idea of this discussion is to use a theological perspective to analyse the practical challenges and future of women in the IFES community, and how they might approach these factors in the midst of student work today. 

C02: Creation Care  

In English  

One of the great concerns of our younger generation is global warming and environmental pollution. Many groups have sprung up to express their discontent and to initiate change. What is the role of Christians in the globality of our mission field? 

C03: Evangelising in the post-Covid student world 

In French 

Together, we will reflect on how to adapt our evangelism among students given the emerging realities of a post-pandemic world. A panel from the four corners of the French-speaking world will discuss the issues, share experiences, resources, and future prospects. This is an opportunity to renew our vision and be encouraged to make evangelisation our priority. 

C04: Justice and Corruption:   

In Spanish  

In all our countries, corruption is a trendy topic – be it around politics, business, or even our own churches, which are themselves affected by this terrible evil. Where is the justice that comes from God? Does it only have meaning in a spiritual context, or should we be looking for it at work in other areas of our societies? 

C05: The University  

In English, Spanish, French  

The University is the campus that unites all of us who are part of IFES. But in recent times, and after the pandemic, this space has been changing rapidly and right under our noses. To what extent is our campus evangelism being of relevance? Are we really aware of the substantial changes taking place in our fields of study? What is happening with the university in today’s world? 


Seminars in French:

SFR01: Basic Principles of Self-Education 

Most of the student leaders, volunteers, and staff from French-speaking GBU have not studied theology formally. Therefore, our primary training resource is to learn for ourselves. In this seminar, a panel of representatives from several Francophone regions share their best resources and best practices for successful self-training. 

SFR02: Foundations of Scripture Engagement 

An opportunity to share the journey of deepening our foundations in Scripture and renewing our vision of the Word and its richness. We want to talk in more detail about six aspects of Scripture Engagement, each of which can help us evaluate how we and our national movements are doing. 

SFR03: National Board – Governing from the outside-in – Policy Governance 

The Policy Governance Model gives clarity about the different roles of the Board, the General Secretary (National Director), and the staff team. Good policies are designed ‘from the outside-in.’ They are the boundaries set by the Board that shape other decisions, especially the decisions of the GS (ND). Adopting a Policy Governance model frees your Board to set the goals, approve the use of resources, and monitor the performance of the national movement, while freeing your management (GS/ND) to lead the daily activities and achieve these goals within clear boundaries.  

This seminar is for the Board members and General Secretaries, as well as for staff workers 

Seminars in Spanish:

SES01: Witnessing through Scripture 

Exploring the challenges of using Scripture contextually and creatively in our witness to Christ as it relates to the present generation of students. 

SES02: Art and the Kingdom of God: exposing a fallen world and glimpses of redemption 

Have you ever considered how Art can help us get to know the world, ourselves, and God? The Bible has several examples of how Art was used to help us learn about our world and future realities. The Old Testament’s tabernacle and temples were symbolically designed to point to cosmic eschatological reality. Art can also be a mode of imaginative unveiling that convincingly opens the world to us. It stages an encounter with the world that speaks to us through metaphor. And this encounter can be both with the reality of the fallen world and with glimpses of redemption. 

The creation and analysis of Art are also vital forms of learning with the potential for the transformation of culture. And this makes us question the vocation of the Christian artist, asking ourselves what God has called us to. This seminar aims to explore the role of Art in the Kingdom of God from a theological and artistic perspective and how Art can become an avenue for the discipleship of the imagination. 

SES03: Perspectives on justice and peace from Latin America 

Latin American reality is plagued by injustice and corruption, with daily manifestations of violence, and beyond this geographical limit, similar scenes also take place in other parts of the world. Through this seminar, we want to engage in a dialogue that allows us to find nuances and meanings relevant for today regarding our calling as believers to build justice and peace from the Gospel.  

This seminar proposes an interdisciplinary reflection that will seek to find common sense and inspiration to live God’s justice and shalom from the personal to the collective sphere. We will start with some reflective questions that may arise today: Why do many people no longer believe in human justice? Does divine justice resemble human justice? What signs of justice does the church evidence? How can Shalom be lived in everyday life in the midst of a violent world? What peace aspirations do we have as believers in our context? The Latin American team of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative will facilitate this space. 

SES04: Fake news and the Bible 

How are we impacted by the news we read or hear? Good or bad information can significantly impact our days and change our moods and ideas. It may also not lead to action as a response to the news. In the digital age we live in, we receive a lot of information, perhaps more than ever before in history. The advent of social media, with its algorithms, drives this huge amount of news. Some are true, some are fake, some are not true at all. We want to explore this fake news universe and its impact on our lives. We would also like to understand how we can address news in the light of the Scriptures, expounding on the ethics of the commitment to truth. From our IFES movements, we can address this issue by helping students and professionals to identify fake news, call them out and remain motivated in our commitment to the truth through bible studies. 

Seminars in English:

SEN01: Breaking New Grounds 

Pioneering new work in different cities, regions, and countries is part of our DNA as IFES. This seminar will reflect on lessons learned in recent pioneering initiatives and shared experiences, while introducing our new pioneering framework. 

The aim is that people will be encouraged and equipped to use this new tool and understand better the partnerships needed to break new ground. 

As well as funding new projects, Breaking New Ground supports a network that connects pioneers around the world. This seminar will be an opportunity to meet people in that network and explore forging new connections. 

SEN02: Reaching International Students 

Why is it important to reach international students and how is this different from local students? What do we need to know to build the right bridges so they can understand the gospel and encounter Jesus?  

In this seminar, we will share from our years of experience in international student ministry as this relates to: different worldviews; guidance for conducting seeker bible studies with international friends; and what we’ve learned about caring for your international friends to help nurture their growing faith. Come, be equipped, and encouraged! 

SEN03: God’s Word in a diverse World: Exploring the influence of context in reading and receiving God’s Word 

Each page of God’s Word comes to us from a particular context. But how can we know God in today’s diverse contexts? What things influence how we read, understand, and apply God’s Word in our lives? What can we, as a global fellowship, do to enrich one another’s engagement with God in the Scriptures? 

SEN04: Peace Feast: Muslims and Christians Sharing a Meal and Real Faith Conversations 

Is it possible to connect with Muslims, share our Christian convictions, and avoid angry debates? Yes! Hundreds of Peace Feasts have helped Christians and Muslims from around the world to build friendships while talking openly about our beliefs. In this seminar, you’ll see how simple it is to host a Peace Feast in your community. Learn more at peacefeast.net

SEN05: Ministry Partners aren’t just donors 

Strong relationships are absolutely crucial if we are to deepen our impact and broaden our influence. This seminar will explore culturally diverse strategies for strengthening relationships with churches, volunteers, other ministries, academics, and supporters. We will share how a culturally diverse philosophy of ministry partnership can enrich the experience of those with a stake in our work and extend our reach with youth, students, and graduates. This seminar will be especially relevant for staff and movements looking to transition away from an exclusively individually-based staff fundraising model. 

SEN06: Ethical leadership 

This seminar is only for students. The idea in this seminar is to discuss the challenges currently faced by those working in all levels and types of leadership.  

Together we seek to understand and discern the ethical implications of following Jesus in university classrooms. There are many academic theories of leadership, but not all of them include the ethical dimension as a central aspect. Scandals in the political, religious, and business spheres in recent years have highlighted the need to emphasise the conduct and character of the leader. By their example, leaders make the values of an organisation visible and help to reinforce them.  

This seminar seeks to build a multicultural and intergenerational dialogue from the biblical narrative to explore some of the ethical challenges faced by students as they develop and exercise leadership in IFES campus ministry.  

Speakers will share testimonies on the ethical demands of being a leader in the 21st century, in the context of the global south, from a woman’s perspective, and when we understand the need to be continuously learning.  

SEN07: Rebuilding the national movement 

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, many of us find our National Movements struggling with fewer students, fewer staff, and limited financial resources. Come hear the stories of General Secretaries and former GS’s from around the globe who have faced similar challenges in rebuilding their National Movements. You’ll hear best practices, receive coaching/mentoring and prayer.  

Format: Panel discussion, workshop with coaching.  

SEN08: Literature Ministry and their Implications for the Mission 

God gave us His Word for our salvation and life. He uses the written word to draw people to Jesus and to transform them to become more and more like him. Learn the strategic global impact of Christian literature ministry and how you might participate as a writer, editor, or publisher now and in the future.  

SEN09: National Board – Caring for your General Secretary 

The General Secretary is the most precious asset of any national movement, and one of the main tasks faced by Boards is to provide care and support to him or her. So how can you help your General Secretary (National Director) to keep their ministry’s joy and sense of calling both fresh and appealing? Do you keep a good balance between supporting and challenging your General Secretary? Do you walk alongside your General Secretary, in the hard times as well as the good, or you are absent? May this seminar be an inspiration and practical guide in personalized care for each General Secretary with whom we are entrusted. May we see our General Secretaries not only as CEOs, but also, or maybe especially, as human beings saved by grace, just like us. 

This seminar is for the Board members and General Secretaries. 

SEN10: Where do you fit in body of Christ? 

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul describes us as being like one body made up of many parts. There is unity because Jesus made this one body, but there is also diversity because the body is a combination of different parts each of which serve different functions. 

We appreciate this metaphor, but we struggle to live it out in day-to-day life, especially in the context of teams, churches, and organizations. Not all teams function in unity; we compare ourselves and think that some parts of body more important than others to ministry. This can sometimes result in the wrong people ending up in the wrong place, causing the whole body to suffer. 

How can I know what part of body I am meant to be? What might help me and my team members to understanding our functions? How can we learn to operate better as a unite, but diverse body? 

We will discuss these questions, learning from each other about what can help us become a healthy body in which every part is appreciated and recognized. 

Self-awareness, awareness of God, and awareness of others will help us achieve what God intends for us, so that we complement each other’s differences – working together as one body. 

SEN11: Spiritual Formation: An Inside Out Journey with God (English and Spanish)  

God is in the process of forming us into the people he made us to be. We are invited to partner with him in this process: to be attentive to what he is doing and open our lives to his presence and work.  

What is God’s part and what is our part in spiritual formation? How can we create space for God to meet and shape us in the depths of our being? What does it mean to become more like Christ? Together we will explore different aspects of spiritual formation. As we do so, we will look at our own journeys and how God is calling us into a place of deeper spiritual intimacy.  

This seminar will be in English. Informal translation into Spanish will be offered. 

SEN12: Creating a healthy ecosystem for student ministry – students, graduates and alumni working together 

All students will graduate. Some graduates will help us develop our ministry; but, sadly, some will fall away from Jesus. What can we do to help our graduates make a good transition into working life, and keep them walking with Jesus? And how can we give them opportunities to help us build the ministry our Lord has given to us, so they might nurture the next generation of young Christian adults. This seminar will introduce various resources from Graduate Impact.   

SEN13: LCI: An expression of God’s mission in the University 

Participants of this seminar will be able to identify ways of doing God’s mission in the university according to the concept of ETU/Dialogue Science-Theology. They will be inspired by the testimonies of LCI Catalysts sharing about their projects. This will stimulate their creativity to formulate missional activities to implement in their universities. 

SEN14: Discovering and Releasing Wells of generosity in your National Movement 

God in his sovereignty, mercy, and love has provided various resources to nations to meet their needs in the spirit of mutuality and partnership. For different reasons, a select few take control of these resources at the expense of the majority. Our responsibility as national movements is to seek credible, creative, innovative, and timely ways harnessing these resources for our ministry. The task of harnessing resources, especially for Christian work, can be very challenging and many have wrongly concluded that they are not called to fundraise or may never be able to overcome the barriers associated with support development in their context. 

This seminar will help you as a leader to discover and release wells that God has dug on your behalf to do ministry effectively. This will free you from the associated stress of digging the wells yourself, which has led to frustration, burn out, and high attrition in ministry. The knowledge gained in this seminar will help you to know what to stop doing, what to continue doing, and more importantly, what to start doing so you may ensure the sustainability of ministry resources. 

SEN15: Learning from the past, responding to the present, preparing for the future 

Through this seminar, we want to encourage participants to think holistically and strategically in contributing towards our vision. We will introduce a Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (PMEL) framework that seeks to answer these four questions essential to ministry planning: 

What is the vision that your movement wants to contribute? 

Who do you work directly with, and with whom do you anticipate opportunities for influence? 

What are the changes you would like to see? 

How will your movement contribute to the change process? 

The framework also integrates monitoring and evaluation which enables us to assess (1) the behavioural changes of those with whom we work directly, (2) our strategies, and (3) the organisational practices. Better ministry planning, monitoring, and evaluation help us to be better stewards of God’s resources and enable us to see the need for change and growth in our ministry for his glory. 

SEN16: High school ministries 

High School Ministry has long been an important dimension of work in many IFES movements and in some is the largest and most significant part of what the movement does. This seminar will look at different models of High School Ministry, including “Inter-school Christian Fellowship,” camping, church partnership, and relationships with complementary youth organizations. 

 We will share resources and explore ways that we might grow High School networks within IFES. 

SEN17: Biblical Basis for Raising Ministry Support 

Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1:3). All things were created by God through his word, including the resources needed for ministry. Partnering with God in developing ministry resources can therefore be said to be a great privilege. Yet, many are unsettled in their quest to sort things out and raise the required support needed for their work in God’s field. Others are not certain as to whether God needs them to be part of this process at all or just what the nature of their involvement should be. Why should anyone play a part when God is in a position to fund his work without any human intervention? What is the role of God’s people in developing resources for God’s work? Who can be involved in fund raising or support development? How central is calling and obedience to issues surrounding ministry support development? Is there a biblical pattern for fundraising in both the Old and New Testament? Get answers to these and other questions during this seminar on Biblical Basis for Raising Ministry Support


Travel Agent: DwidayaDescriptionsPrice in US$
E01 Miniature Park of Beautiful Indonesia (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or Miniature Park of Beautiful Indonesia, was inaugurated in 1975 and offers an extensive glimpse of Indonesia’s diverse and broad archipelago. At the park, you will “visit” and explore all the provinces of Indonesia through their regional architectures and cultures.  
Next, take a trip to Museum Indonesia – a rich example of Balinese architecture, displaying traditional costumes, contemporary arts, and crafts from various regions.  
Lastly, enjoy a short film titled “Beautiful Indonesia” in Teater IMAX Keong Emas (The Golden Snail IMAX Theatre), presented on a gigantic screen using the latest IMAX system. 
Exploring TMII, visiting Museum of Indonesia, and experiencing Teater IMAX Keong Emas 
E02 Putri IslandVisit Putri Island, part of Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), with its lovely, soft, white-sand beach and waters of deeply contrasting blues. 
Enjoy some provided activities, which include exploring an underwater aquarium, riding a glass bottom boat, swimming in the pool, and strolling on the beach.  
An hour and a half to two-hour speedboat trip from Marina Ancol. 
Exploring the beach, the underwater aquarium, riding a glass bottom boat, and swimming in the pool.  
E03 Pelangi IslandVisit Pelangi Island, another in Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), known for its natural beauty, white-sand beaches, and clear blue sea. This small private island is filled with breath-taking scenery, lush flora, and fun activities. Enjoy its underwater beauty by snorkelling or have a relaxing day as you explore the beach and maybe do some fishing. 
An hour and a half speedboat trip from Marina Ancol. 
Exploring the beach, snorkelling, and fishing.
E04 City Tour and Ceramic House by F. Widayanto

Max: 100 pax
A variety of activities and attractions packed into a half day out in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

Visit one of the most prestigious ceramic houses in Indonesia, established by the most prominent Indonesian ceramist, F. Widayanto.  
The Ceramic House displays Widayanto’s hand-made ceramics and runs interesting activities, such as ceramic handicraft, that you can try. 
Exploring the Ceramic House and handicrafts making.
E05 City Tour and Acaraki 
(Old Town – Jakarta & National Monument)
Max: 160 pax
A variety of activities and attractions packed into a half day out in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Travel from the Old Town to the city centre, visiting historical sites, museums, and a monument that will introduce Jakarta’s history and cultures.  
Exploring Old Town: Jakarta’s Historical Museum and Acaraki – The Art of Jamu;  
Exploring Central Jakarta: the National Museum and National Monument.
E13 City Tour and Shopping (Old Town – Jakarta & National Monument)
Max: 60 pax
A variety of activities and attractions packed into a half day out in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Travel from the Old Town to the city centre, visiting historical sites, museums, and a monument that will introduce Jakarta’s history and cultures.  
Exploring Old Town: Jakarta’s Historical Museum and shopping.
Exploring Central Jakarta: the National Museum and National Monument.
E06 Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), Ancol)As the largest outdoor entertainment and physical edutainment centre in Indonesia, Dufan invites visitors to enjoy themed rides, roller coasters, and attractions across nine different areas.  
Rides include: Mystery Trains, Propellers, Paragliding, Turbo Drop, Teapots, and Leaning Houses. 
If you are looking for something slower, try the Ferris Wheel, Ice Age Arctic Adventure, or rafting.
E07 Sea World, AncolAs the name implies, this tourist spot presents a diversity of marine life, boasting at least 7,300 types of freshwater biota, originating from over 48 species of fish, reptiles, and other marine life. Sea World, Ancol provides 28 displays consisting of nine freshwater aquariums, 19 other aquariums, and four open ponds. There is also a museum featuring a collection of ancient marine mammals. 
Enjoy the various aquariums, including a shark tank, interactive aquarium, jellyfish sphere, and touch-pool.
E08 Ocean Dream Samudra, AncolThis is an edutainment theme park with an emphasis on nature conservation. As the largest oceanarium unit, Ocean Dream presents dolphin shows, sea lions, freshwater and marine fish aquariums, animal demonstrations, and a bird park which is home to a rare diversity of species. 
Ocean Dream, Ancol is also a centre for dolphin conservation studies. 
In addition to the animal shows, visitors can enjoy exciting rides.
E09 Atlantis, AncolAtlantis Water is one of the most popular water recreation parks, inviting visitors into an exciting and unforgettable adventure.  
Rides that are not to be missed include: Asthatirta, Skybox, Crazy Slide, Dragon Race, Dragon Slide, Poseidon Wave, Antila River, Apollo Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool, and Elephant Pool. 
E10 Jakarta Bird Land, AncolJakarta Bird Land is a playground as well as a conservation area, housing Indonesian and foreign bird species. Visitors can learn about, interact with, and experience various birds through educational tours, shows, and hands-on encounters. 
Jakarta Bird Land offers a variety of interactions, ranging from bird feeding and direct touch, to edutainment shows and displays. 
Apart from being an educational tourism park, Jakarta Bird Land is also a place for conservation, saving endangered bird species through the Breeding & Research centre, which focuses on caring for bird species in Indonesia and abroad.
E11 Gondola, AncolGondola Ancol is the first cable car recreation facility in Indonesia that uses high-tech computerization with the most advanced control and security systems.  
The Gondola will provide an unforgettable experience as you enjoy the beauty of the Jakarta Bay from a height of over 20 meters.  
The Ancol Gondola features 37 spacious cabins which accommodate six people each, promising a comfortable and exhilarating 20-minute ride across the Ancol area.
E12 Staying at the HotelEnjoy the hotel facilities and free offerings around Ancol, including the swimming pool and gym, and the Ancol beach. 

Go to your registration and click on enrolments. Once you click on “submit”, your enrolments will be locked and you WILL NOT be able to change them. Please be certain before clicking. Enrolments close on 30 June and are on a first come, first served basis. Make your selection now to avoid disappointment.