Hungary: five weeks of events in budapest

Students of MEKDSZ Hungary put on events across different campuses in Budapest over five weeks. They chose five thought-provoking titles to get people curious to find out more:

Independent; Unbound; Undecided; Unclothed; Irretrievable.

Student Aron told us more:

“The purpose of the five mission weeks was not only to put on great events, but to invite students into Bible study and conversational groups. So the story did not end with the events, it only started there!”

Their creative events included a Christian escape room challenge, a lecture about religious relativism, a talk with a Jewish Christian and an Arabic Christian on the subject of peace in Christ, and a debate between Christian and atheist lecturers, to which 240 people came.

The IFES Innovation Project supported this and many other student initiatives to share the gospel on campus in creative and innovative ways. Find out more about how IFES is supporting student evangelism around the world.

Innovative Evangelism

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