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First word: Give up your hockey sticks

How generosity shapes the IFES movement

Montreal, Canada, November 1928

A young student named Howard Guinness stepped off a boat from Southampton, England, wearing an enormous overcoat. His face was pale, as if he had just recovered from a bout of seasickness. He had been invited by the principal of McGill University to come to pioneer an evangelical student movement in Canada.

He may have stood alone, but he did not come alone. His thick coat was a gift from a close friend to help him survive the Canadian winter. His voyage had been paid for by his friends. They had held a sale of their belongings: books, hockey sticks and whatever else of value they could find, to raise £14 for the one-way ticket (equivalent to US $1,000 today).

He was there by the generosity of others, who shared the vision of seeing the gospel flourish among students in Canada and around the world. And it didn’t stop there: Howard didn’t have the funds to travel across Canada, or get back home, but he continued praying and the Lord continued to provide for his journey.

Since the beginning, generosity has been a hallmark of IFES. It is how we grew. It is how we continue to work together, to learn from one another and to share the gospel with those around us.

Faces of generosity

This month in Conexión, we’re sharing stories of generosity from students around the world, in the lead-up to World Student Day on 20 October (which has generosity as its theme).

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