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How you can help students like Sisse meet Jesus all around the world

Sisse was just a normal university student in Denmark. She read books, sat exams and drank coffee with her friends. But on the inside, it was a different story. Nothing about life made sense. She struggled with low self esteem and didn’t know how to fill the hole she felt inside.

Then Sisse’s friend invited her to read John’s Gospel, using the Uncover resource. She had thought the Bible was too old to be relevant to her life today. But the more Sisse read of the person of Jesus, the more compelling she found Him to be. She listened as her friends shared how God had totally changed their lives. And she thought to herself: Maybe He could change my life too

Sisse encountered Jesus reading Uncover in Danish. Many students like her around the world have been exploring the gospels with their friends using versions of the resource in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and 28 other languages. First developed by UCCF Great Britain, Uncover has spread across the IFES network. It has given Christians around the world confidence to open the Bible with their friends and many students have turned to trust in Christ.

Uncover is just one of the many ways God is using IFES to change lives. Through training, resources and funding, IFES is equipping its national movements to reach students of every background, language and culture.

IFES is supporting students in initiating dialogues with Muslim students, organising activities for international students, and using drama, music, sports and other creative ways to share the gospel. Yet there are still thousands of students who need training, resources and support to reach out to their peers. And there are many more students who think the Bible is irrelevant or have never heard about Jesus before.

IFES wants to keep investing in national movement evangelism and inspire a generation of students to introduce their friends to Jesus.

Give today and help us reach more students like Sisse. 

The difference your gift could make:

  • $30 could allow an international student in Bulgaria to hear the gospel at a winter retreat.
  • $50 could equip Christians on one campus in Sierra Leone to share their faith.
  • $199 would enable a student to attend Revive, the upcoming IFES European Student Evangelism Conference (the true cost is closer to $328 per participant). 
  • $150 could fund an evangelism training conference for a group in DR Congo. 
  • $280 could train a group of student leaders in Martinique to share their faith in their school or college. 
  • $415 could rent a hub in the Philippines to reach and serve international students at four universities for a month.
  • $750 could run a program of evangelistic events for a campus in Rwanda.