East Asia: Voice matters

Expectations are high: 

Tomomi will soon arrive in Thailand. She’ll join with over 500 students and staff from 17 IFES national movements in her region (plus six from other countries). The triennial IFES East Asia Regional Conference (EARC) (3-9 July 2024) will be a time to fellowship together and seek God’s guidance for the challenges they face in their university contexts. 

Taking a stand, having a voice, is reflected in the theme of this year’s event: “Voice Matters”. 

As students arrive from diverse contexts, they’ll hear each other’s voices: some will come from IFES national movements that are well-established (e.g. FES Singapore); some from those more recently affiliated (e.g. FCS Mongolia); and others from those operating in secret due to security concerns. 

Grace, part of the Thai host committee for EARC 2024, explains how important the interaction across movements will be:

That’s exactly what Jefta (student in Perkantas Indonesia) is looking for:

Throughout EARC, participants will be listening for God’s voice. Bible expositions from Zechariah will be led by “Titus” (from a sensitive movement), who clearly has a prophet’s heart: 

He asks us to pray that the Lord would speak through him as he opens the Scriptures so that students will dedicate themselves to be prophetic voices and faithful disciples, impacting society for good.  

Andrea, a student in IVCF Philippines, is ready:

To help students explore that calling, three plenary sessions and a range of workshops will facilitate reflective discussions. This includes contemporary issues (e.g., cancel culture and gender identity), ministry topics (e.g., understanding church and evangelism in the secular university), and personal development themes (e.g., emotional resilience and critical thinking). 

Anucha, General Secretary of TCS Thailand elaborates,

Today, we’ve heard seven voices. Let’s pray that these – and the voices of all attending EARC – will truly matter: 

  • Lisman, IFES Regional Secretary for East Asia, asks, “Please pray for God’s presence, peace, and protection, and that participants will discern God’s voice and return to their respective movements as the voice of their generation for the glory of God.” 
  • Pray for “Titus” – that the Lord will speak powerfully through his ministry – and pray for all those ministering in sensitive countries, for renewed strength and courageous hope. 
  • Thank the Lord for all the hard work of the Thai host committee and pray that they will know God’s blessing and strength as they serve their sisters and brothers from across the region.  
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