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Social media is making our cultures more visual and changing the way we think. Instagram — a platform centred on original visual content — now boasts over 800 million users, the majority of whom are under 30 years old. This trend will only increase as today’s students go on to graduate and continue to transform our communication landscape and technologies.

There was no Instagram when Jesus stilled the storm. There are no photos of the delightful paradise of Eden. All we have are words — beautiful poetry, personal letters, carefully-crafted stories and historical accounts of God at work in this world.

Christians have been hard at work translating these words for hundreds of years. It was no accident that the New Testament was written in Greek — the writers wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible at that moment in history. So how can we translate God’s great story and use visual media to help introduce people to Jesus?

The Open Project from IFES is a new attempt to do this. It aims to use compelling visual content and today’s digital tools to open up the Bible to open-minded people, particularly students. The first project is a film. It does have words in it, but only twelve…

Presenting the Bible Story in 12 Words

12 Words is a new film project that describes some important parts of the Bible story using just twelve words, supported by an abstract story set in the modern day. Each word is carefully chosen to connect with ordinary life experiences, and is supported by an introductory Bible study.

The words are not Christian jargon, and on their own won’t comprehensively explain Christian belief. But they are a good way to open questions and step into the story. And for Christians watching, there are questions too. What do these words correspond to? What words would you have used instead?

Use this project to open the Bible with your friends

The full film is due to launch on Easter Sunday — 1 April 2018 — but each week, one new word will be released as a short question video, alongside a Bible study.

The gospel is not an abstract truth — it needs Jesus’ followers to witness to it — and social media is most useful when it connects real people. Have a look at the 12 Words project. If you like what you see and think it would connect with your friends, then please share it and engage with it on whatever platform you’re using.

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