Middle east: summer outreach

From door-knocking to film nights; from Beach volleyball matches to Scrabble games: Christian students in one Middle Eastern country spent the summer months seeking to engage non-Christian students on their campus in a whole host of ways. Friendships were made and the gospel was shared. The students also spent time walking around the neighbourhoods in pairs, praying for opportunities to meet people, for new life, and for the many struggling financially. One student reflected:

“It has helped to increase our empathy for the people here and fuels our desire to see them saved one day.”

Another student shared:

“The project was a blessing for me. It allowed me to have fun in the Lord but also to share the love of God with my brothers and sisters. During the various activities, I came to realise the power of the Gospel. It was a first time for me but God used me to bless someone, to speak on His behalf and also to pray for that person who was in need.”

The IFES Innovation Project supported this and many other student initiatives to share the gospel on campus in creative and innovative ways. Find out more about how IFES is supporting student evangelism around the world.

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