190423 - Moldova

Moldova: hackathon

CSC Moldova students organised a three-day camp for students interested in digital technology. Christian students invited their classmates, and altogether more than 90 students attended! They worked in small groups to create digital programs and solutions for various technology projects. Many of the projects had a Christian emphasis. There were plenty of opportunities to share the gospel, both through working on the projects themselves, and also through interacting outside of sessions.

Prizes were awarded to the winning teams of the following projects:

  • Tackling Suicide — Can you use social media, digital ads and code to save them from death’s sting?
  • Breaking Christian Game Stereotypes — Simple fun smartphone game using biblical characters to break stereotypes.
  • Engagement Problem — Smartphone app which helps youth to be more organized and to connect with others.

CSC are praying that those who attended would join their new weekly IT club, so that they can continue to build relationships and share the gospel.

The camp was organised in partnership with Indigitous, an online ministry facilitating the design of innovative digital tools and resources for global mission.

The IFES Innovation Project supported this and many other student initiatives to share the gospel on campus in creative and innovative ways. Find out more about how IFES is supporting student evangelism around the world.

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