Student voices

Nov 17

Bringing Jesus to their friends: high school students in Gabon make a difference

Posted by Penny Vinden

I wrote recently about the post-election crisis in Gabon. Since then I’ve been in touch with two high school student leaders who told me about their experience as members of GBG Gabon. Their exuberance, their perseverance and their boldness in the face of trials are a joy to share with you.

Oct 13

Timor Leste: One Year On

Posted by Chris Herbert

19 September 2015. We will remember this day as the day we set foot on the ‘Ground of Hope’, Timor Leste.

Quite a challenging year! An exciting wait to see what God had in store for student ministry in Timor Leste. Learning the language. Understanding the culture. Hearing stories from individuals. Seeing the way things actually happen in a new country. These were some challenges that brought tears to my eyes in this first year.

Jul 28

Coming to Christ in Central Asia

Posted by Penny Vinden

A phone rings. An IFES worker in Central Asia – we’ll call him Azat – answers it.

‘My name is Timur* and I am a student. I was wondering, could I meet with you brother?’

When they met, Timur shared how he struggles to talk about his faith. It became obvious that he hadn’t been growing spiritually even though he’d been Christian for a while. Did he want to know God more, Azat asked? Yes!

Jun 30

Talking about suicide

Posted by Penny Vinden

800,000 people a year commit suicide.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 15-29 years of age.

And yet this is a subject that is often taboo in Christian circles.

Not so in Brazil! The country as a whole was so concerned that it designated a month to host special events to highlight suicide prevention.

Jun 16

I have a dream… in Timor Leste

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘Timor Leste is one of the East Asia region’s newest nations. After decades of struggle, it officially gained its independence from Indonesia in 2002,’ writes Annette Arulrajah, Associate Regional Secretary for East Asia. ‘Being poor and still largely underdeveloped, Timorese people have often looked to foreigners to raise their standard of living or to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Jun 02

Non-Christian teenagers in Norway are discovering the Bible

Posted by Penny Vinden

Ole Martin and Jørgen were the first two students who showed any interest in a Bible reading ‘event’. Now this has become the first Christian group for Laget Norway at Fjell Secondary School. And they’re not even Christians!

How did this happen?

It was the idea of one teacher, Sverre Kristoffersen, a man who does not let failure stop him. He had tried to start a Laget group three years earlier. No one came.

May 12

Loving your neighbour – Thailand and Japan ‘pre-empt’ World Student Day

Posted by Penny Vinden

When KGK Japan chose the theme for their national conference, they didn’t know it was the theme for this year’s IFES World Student Day! All they knew was that they wanted to love their neighbour. 

Mar 24

"Where was God when my boyfriend died?" Looking for Easter joy in a hurting world.

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘God, please save him! Please, Lord, please! I do not understand, really, I don’t understand anything. Why do not you listen to me? Why do you always do what you want?’

Jan 20

Eight (human) reasons why IFES is unmissable!

Posted by Penny Vinden

These TSCF students are all gearing up for a new academic year. Left to right: Garth, Richard, Shery, Kat, Hannah, Shaun.


Ever wonder what students think about their involvement in an IFES group? Tim Hodge, staff worker with TSCF New Zealand, asked eight students he had worked with how being involved with TSCF has affected them. He was thrilled by what they said – and I hope you are too.