student life

Nov 10

How do we make true disciples of Jesus?

Posted by Ruth Rodas

Is sharing knowledge about Jesus at a monthly or annual meeting enough to help students be like Jesus? I think we would all say ‘no’!

The student who becomes like Jesus does so through discipleship. Discipleship is not merely the transmission of knowledge, but implies a new lifestyle, a new character and a new way of life.

Jun 30

Talking about suicide

Posted by Penny Vinden

800,000 people a year commit suicide.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 15-29 years of age.

And yet this is a subject that is often taboo in Christian circles.

Not so in Brazil! The country as a whole was so concerned that it designated a month to host special events to highlight suicide prevention.

Jun 09

Top tips for starting a WhatsApp Bible Study

Posted by Roland Cubahiro


May 05

Art, God’s glory and the gospel – students in India ask some difficult questions

Posted by Penny Vinden

What does God say about the arts? Can you be a Christian and an artist? How can an artist redeem the relationship between artists and the church?

Early this year, six Fine Art students struggled together to answer these questions using kingdom principles. They were part of a ten-day residency organised by UESI India with Art for Change, a foundation who believes that because we are made in the image of a Creator God, creativity is at the core of our being.

Apr 07

Sex – only for marriage?

When LKSB Lithuania decided to tackle a topic that most people don’t openly discuss, they weren’t sure what reaction they would get. Akvilė, LKSB student coordinator, told me what happened last February when they asked a Christian couple to give a lecture on sexual purity.

As soon as we created an event on Facebook, thousands of people became interested and more than a thousand said they will come.

Feb 04

GBU Italy ‘reveals all’ in an Open Day for churches!

Posted by Luisa Pasquale

What if a group of young people wanted to share the good news of Jesus in a sometimes-hostile environment such as the university? Suppose an organization offered support to these students, and resources to help answer the questions – questions that are often only raised to oppose the truth? What if good work like this was going on in my city and I knew nothing about it?

Nov 26

The blockade of Nepal’s border

Posted by Penny Vinden

The transport crisis in Nepal; NBCBS Nepal students and staff

Nepal has been suffering for two months under an economic blockade on its border with India. Did you know this? Perhaps not, as so many other crises have dominated media headlines.

But the situation there is extremely serious, especially as the country is still trying to recover from devastating earthquakes last May.

Oct 29

Never been happier to work in a bathroom

I've found a great little space to work on campus and it’s not quite what I expected.

More than a year ago I got together with our AGEUP group to brain-storm ideas on how we could serve our university community. One of our ideas was to build a web platform where students could share links and resources online.

Jun 11

Meeting in secret

Posted by Penny Vinden

Imagine a Christian gathering where you cannot use your real name. You are not supposed to talk to other participants except in one classroom. If you meet in the dining hall, you must act as if you don’t know one another. There are no photos taken, no emails sent, no mention of the event on Facebook. Even though you have travelled to another country for this meeting, there are other people from your country at this venue, so you must be extra cautious.

Jun 04

In the lions’ den: student ministry in a hostile context

Posted by Penny Vinden

How does an IFES movement make its presence felt in the university? How does it get in contact with students from many small towns and villages, places where there are no churches or known evangelical Christians? The answer for an IFES team in one Eastern European country is to offer language courses in student dorms.