Dec 08

Protesting university fees – taking a Christian stand

Posted by Penny Vinden

Students prevented from attending university because they cannot afford the fees? We know this a reality all over the world.

Over the past year, there have been protests about university fees in South Africa under the banner of #FeesMustFall. In the past two months, the unrest became violent in some places. 

Sep 22

Students trapped in post-election violence – an eyewitness report from Gabon

I did not pray for peace. I prayed and still pray for truth, justice and fairness without which peace will be false and deceptive. And I did not pray for the peace which means an absence of disturbances, but for the peace which conveys tranquillity. Not for the peace of cowardice and resignation, but that which Christ offers and surpasses all understanding.

Nov 18

Umbrellas and democracy: students in Hong Kong lead the way

Posted by Penny Vinden

For over a month a student-led revolution has filled the streets of Hong Kong. With the eyes of the world upon them, peaceful protestors have called for the government to rescind laws that they claim make Hong Kong a ‘fake democracy’.

The protest has been dubbed The Umbrella Movement, after umbrellas were used to fend off the tear gas, water guns, and pepper spray that police used to try and disperse the gathering.