Dec 01

Postgraduates and prayer: forging a missional core

Posted by Alan Chettle

‘Prayer is where the action is...’ - John Wesley

The truth of that quote attributed to John Wesley has been increasingly borne out with my students these past months. I work with Inter-Varsity Canada, with postgraduate students at the University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We started meeting weekly to pray for each other as we engage in mission on campus.

Oct 27

World Student Day – a celebration in pictures

Posted by Penny Vinden

Last Friday was IFES World Student Day - and what a day it was! We encouraged IFES movements to think about what it means to love their neighbour – on campus, in their society, around the world.

Here are some of the things students did:

Sep 14

Prayer spaces – finding God in quiet places

Posted by Penny Vinden

What is a prayer space? It is a room or other space that is designed to be a creative place to pray. It can include prayer stations where students explore various aspects of prayer or meditate about different topics.

Prayer spaces expand our notion of what it means to pray. They are places to listen, to think, to quiet oneself. And in that stillness, students are finding God.

Jun 23

Powerful prayer, cleansing prayer

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘I need to leave this place now and stop praying.’

These were the words of a new Christian from a Muslim background as two IFES staff were praying with him. This new Christian was experiencing headaches, paralysing shame and fear, and was unable to say the name of Jesus aloud. The situation was one which many of us never experience and some may find bizarre. But it was happening at this IFES conference in a sub-region of Europe.

Oct 15

Pray around the world

Posted by Penny Vinden

Dalcy, Samuel and Rebecca

Friday 16 October is IFES World Student Day!


To help you celebrate with us, let me give you a flavour of what is happening with IFES groups globally, by sharing with you the words of students themselves.

Dalcy: VCF Vanuatu

Sep 03

UniPray – Uniting in prayer in the university

Posted by Penny Vinden

Photos of students praying for their universities.

One of the most exciting stories I heard at World Assembly in July was from a young staff couple in a country in Eurasia. Ivan and Anna (not their real names) have found a creative way to work around some of the difficulties specific to their context.

May 14

Nepali Students swap books for garbage bags

Posted by Penny Vinden


Students preparing to pick up trash. Students distributing supplies. A student in front of her devastated home.

Students in NBCBS Nepal may not be specialists in disaster relief. But when two massive earthquakes hit their country in quick succession, they expressed their love for their neighbours by helping in any way they could.

Apr 21

donna eis requiem: praying for students

Posted by Tom De Craene

Some time ago I noticed that my hands moved while I was praying. When I paid more notice I felt that my hands were acting out what I wanted to say, that they were making symbols of my prayer intentions. Now, when I have the time I love to pray like this and allow my hands to support my prayer.