Dec 15

Mission Snow

Posted by Penny Vinden

Christmas time! Around the world the hearts and minds of many people focus on buying presents and eating special food. Some people sing of snow, Santa Claus, stars in the east and a baby in a manger – many without believing any of it. But there is a group of students from KFS Denmark who are focusing on something quite different this year. They’re getting ready to go to Greenland in January.

Dec 01

Postgraduates and prayer: forging a missional core

Posted by Alan Chettle

‘Prayer is where the action is...’ - John Wesley

The truth of that quote attributed to John Wesley has been increasingly borne out with my students these past months. I work with Inter-Varsity Canada, with postgraduate students at the University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We started meeting weekly to pray for each other as we engage in mission on campus.

Oct 20

Neighbours loving neighbours: collaborating across borders

Posted by Penny Vinden

Friday 21 October is a big day for the IFES family. It’s World Student Day! Around the globe, students, staff and friends of IFES gather to celebrate what God is doing in schools and universities, and to lift up in prayer the needs of the IFES family.

Aug 25

Mission in Europe and Eurasia: obstacles overcome

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘There was an atmosphere of fear and doubt among the local team.’

‘There is widespread disillusionment with the Orthodox church, but also a suspicion of evangelicals as something of a western import.’

‘We tried very hard to organize a debate at the university but we were not welcomed.’

May 25

Who will you be? Bulgarian students ask a question that changes us all

Posted by Penny Vinden

Who am I? What kind of person do I want to become? What character qualities would I like to develop? These are questions many of us ask at different points in our lives. But they are perhaps especially significant when we are students – experiencing new things, learning, growing and finding our place in the world.

Apr 28

The Bible, the battle, the breakthrough – Australia and Zimbabwe work together

Posted by Penny Vinden

Bible study training group, Howard and Nelson, event participants

‘How am I going to deal with the false teaching that is spreading like spiritual cancer in my home country?’

Apr 21

Earth Day – should we celebrate?

Posted by Penny Vinden

On 22 April the world celebrates Earth Day. Or some of us will. Some of us don’t know about it. Some of us heard that it was focusing on tree planting and decided we had more important things to do. Or we thought it was some sort of ‘liberal’ event, and not for Christians – after all, shouldn’t we be concerned with saving souls not trees?

Mar 31

5 ways students reached students – lessons from UCCF Great Britain missions

Posted by Kate Duncan

Digital engagement, storytelling, cereal bars – what does all this have to do with mission? This blog from UCCF Great Britain shows just how creative students can be as they reach out to other students. Read on!

Over the last three months, more than 38,000 students have attended a university mission week event held by IFES university groups in Great Britain.

Feb 25

Sharing Jesus in Latvia – cold country, warm hearts

Posted by Fjorilda Kreku

My name is Fjorilda and I am writing from freezing but beautiful Riga, Latvia.

I am here this year with IFES InterAction to work with international students.

Before leaving my home in Italy, I knew almost nothing of Latvia, and my friends had told me scary things: people eat only cabbage, potatoes and meat all year; it is very cold and most of the year it is dark; people are cold...

Jan 21

Racism and mission? Urbana brings them together

Posted by Penny Vinden

Michelle Higgins challenges Urbana 15 participants.

What does racism in the United States have to do with mission? Why would Urbana, one of the largest mission conferences in the world held at the end of 2015, feature a talk on racism by the black activist Michelle Higgins?