high school

Nov 17

Bringing Jesus to their friends: high school students in Gabon make a difference

Posted by Penny Vinden

I wrote recently about the post-election crisis in Gabon. Since then I’ve been in touch with two high school student leaders who told me about their experience as members of GBG Gabon. Their exuberance, their perseverance and their boldness in the face of trials are a joy to share with you.

Jun 02

Non-Christian teenagers in Norway are discovering the Bible

Posted by Penny Vinden

Ole Martin and Jørgen were the first two students who showed any interest in a Bible reading ‘event’. Now this has become the first Christian group for Laget Norway at Fjell Secondary School. And they’re not even Christians!

How did this happen?

It was the idea of one teacher, Sverre Kristoffersen, a man who does not let failure stop him. He had tried to start a Laget group three years earlier. No one came.

Jul 25

Growing in Grenada

Posted by Penny Vinden

Grenada is a picturesque Caribbean island with warm, friendly people and numerous natural tourist attractions. Although it is seen as a predominantly Christian country and there is no opposition to Christianity, many who consider themselves to be Christians have never fully surrendered their lives to God.

ISCF Grenada wants to change this! They want to see each generation of students become life-long disciples of Christ. But for years they had been without staff.