global partnerships

Oct 20

Neighbours loving neighbours: collaborating across borders

Posted by Penny Vinden

Friday 21 October is a big day for the IFES family. It’s World Student Day! Around the globe, students, staff and friends of IFES gather to celebrate what God is doing in schools and universities, and to lift up in prayer the needs of the IFES family.

Oct 13

Timor Leste: One Year On

Posted by Chris Herbert

19 September 2015. We will remember this day as the day we set foot on the ‘Ground of Hope’, Timor Leste.

Quite a challenging year! An exciting wait to see what God had in store for student ministry in Timor Leste. Learning the language. Understanding the culture. Hearing stories from individuals. Seeing the way things actually happen in a new country. These were some challenges that brought tears to my eyes in this first year.

Jul 14

Top 10 reasons why Western academics should work outside the West

Posted by The Anonymous 6

some students from Madagascar

The world is full of universities, many of them surprisingly different from the one where you studied. The six of us, all young scholars who work with the organization Global Scholars, could have applied to work at the universities where we did our PhDs. But we felt the Lord leading us to look farther afield.

Jul 07

Brexit: independence, freedom and loving your neighbour

Posted by Penny Vinden

July is a big month for independence. From Cape Verde to Columbia, Maldives to Mongolia, Somalia to South Korea – no less than 22 countries celebrate becoming independent nations this month.

Sometimes independence can be a good thing. For many countries it has meant freedom from oppression; for others a chance to ‘grow up’ and take one’s place in the world.

Apr 28

The Bible, the battle, the breakthrough – Australia and Zimbabwe work together

Posted by Penny Vinden

Bible study training group, Howard and Nelson, event participants

‘How am I going to deal with the false teaching that is spreading like spiritual cancer in my home country?’