Creative Evangelism

Nov 17

Bringing Jesus to their friends: high school students in Gabon make a difference

Posted by Penny Vinden

I wrote recently about the post-election crisis in Gabon. Since then I’ve been in touch with two high school student leaders who told me about their experience as members of GBG Gabon. Their exuberance, their perseverance and their boldness in the face of trials are a joy to share with you.

Oct 06

What you’re thirsty for - does it last?

Posted by Gabi Nobre

Daniela* wasn’t interested in exploring the Bible. She had come to church once or twice at the invitation of a friend. But she was very blunt with him – she didn’t want to talk more.

Yet when we met her on a bus one day, we chatted for a few minutes and then she said ‘Can I ask something?’

‘Sure’ I said. 

‘How do you study the Bible? Because I have one at home and I am curious!’

Sep 01

International student ministry: serious fun!

Posted by Penny Vinden

Being an international student worker can be really fun sometimes, I thought as I read a recent email. Amy and Julie, who are with IVCF Canada in Waterloo Ontario, had written, ‘We host dinners, parties for different Muslim or international holidays, hikes, go swimming weekly with some students, and just spend time with people over lunch or a coffee.’

Aug 11

Flashmob, UESI India-style: dancing for Jesus

UESI India’s Committee Members Training Camp (CMTC) – it is serious business.  For two weeks, we study fundamental biblical doctrines along with the core values and aims of UESI. We grow in maturity as we are encouraged to preach, lead worship, enact skits, play team games and even serve food and clean tables. The camp results in a newfound joy in serving the Lord and creates lifelong bonds between students and senior staff members.

Aug 04

Rio Olympics 2016: Three ways you can use this opportunity

Posted by Caroline Reid

The London 2012 Olympics was the most watched sport event in the world since records began with nine out of ten people in the world watching these phenomenal athletes. With that number of people coming together to support their home nations, the world favourites or rooting for the under-dog, it provides a great opportunity to share life with our non-Christian friends.

Jun 16

I have a dream… in Timor Leste

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘Timor Leste is one of the East Asia region’s newest nations. After decades of struggle, it officially gained its independence from Indonesia in 2002,’ writes Annette Arulrajah, Associate Regional Secretary for East Asia. ‘Being poor and still largely underdeveloped, Timorese people have often looked to foreigners to raise their standard of living or to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

May 25

Who will you be? Bulgarian students ask a question that changes us all

Posted by Penny Vinden

Who am I? What kind of person do I want to become? What character qualities would I like to develop? These are questions many of us ask at different points in our lives. But they are perhaps especially significant when we are students – experiencing new things, learning, growing and finding our place in the world.

Mar 31

5 ways students reached students – lessons from UCCF Great Britain missions

Posted by Kate Duncan

Digital engagement, storytelling, cereal bars – what does all this have to do with mission? This blog from UCCF Great Britain shows just how creative students can be as they reach out to other students. Read on!

Over the last three months, more than 38,000 students have attended a university mission week event held by IFES university groups in Great Britain.

Jan 07

Uncensored Christianity

Posted by Penny Vinden

Event T-shirts and flyers, evening café talk, Ukrainian Uncover books ready for follow-up.​

‘The university is a kingdom of science. And science has proven that there is no God.’

‘Modern, thinking, educated students do not need and are not interested in any myths and prejudices associated with beliefs in a deity, a supreme intelligence or universal morality.’

Dec 18

IFES celebrates Christmas

Posted by Philippa White

Two real reindeer and a rugby stadium are unusual props for a student event. But students in Cardiff, Wales wanted to do something different for their first community carol service. And their idea worked – more than 2,000 people came to sing carols in the stadium, take pictures with the reindeer and hear an evangelistic message.

It may be university holiday season in many countries but IFES students across the world are far from idle in December.