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United States of America

Population: 325,7 million (2017)

Capital: Washington DC  

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: InterVarsity/USA

Historically, Americans have enjoyed a great amount of religious freedom. However, tension over conflicting values has resulted in a small but growing number of cases of intolerance toward Christian values on some campuses and elsewhere in society. The faith of Christians is also challenged by materialism and a culture of entertainment, which can easily distract them from their calling to live wholeheartedly as disciples of Christ.



  • Approximately 4,000 tertiary institutions, groups on 695 campuses
  • 35,000 core students
  • 1186 full-time staff, 510 part-time, 239 volunteers  
  • Largest chapter is at University of California San Diego with 589 students
  • Average camp group size is 51 students

The movement has also experienced a new excitement about evangelism. Many chapters are using Proxe stations, artistic displays designed to initiate conversations, which led to discussions about spiritual issues. Through the use of these and other outreach initiatives, the other 4,200 conversions recorded in 2018 were almost twice as many as ten years previous.  

One challenge facing InterVarsity/USA is the number of campuses without Christian ministry. In 2018, InterVarsity announced its 2030 Calling: “Longing for revival, we catalyze movements that call every corner of every campus to follow Jesus.” The goal of the 2030 Calling is to establish Christian fellowships on all 2,500 campuses in the US with over 1,000 students.  

https://intervarsity.org/news/intervarsity-prepares-reach-2500-campuses-year-2030  (In English only)


View from the inside

Tom Lin is InterVarsity/USA’s President. He says, “The 2030 Calling represents a new shift in how InterVarsity approaches campus ministry. More than ever before, Intervarsity is inviting partners from every part of God’s kingdom to participate in his work among students and faculty. This is not about planting InterVarsity’s flag on every campus; it’s about declaring God’s glory on every campus.”


Please pray:

  • that the Lord will use the 2030 calling to renew campuses from within and call thousands more students and faculty to give their lives to Jesus. 
  • that God will guide our steps as we travel prayerfully to unreached campuses, looking for people of peace to partner with us.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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