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Population: 44.6 million (2013)
Capital: Kiev
Official language: Ukrainian
Major religion: Ukrainian Orthodox
IFES movement: Співдружність Cтудентів-Xристиян (CCX)

Ukraine bears the Soviet Union’s legacy: a very high level of corruption and an absence of national identity. Thankfully, the government allows churches and religious organizations freedom carry out their mission.

Ukrainian missionaries go to various countries including those of the former Soviet Union. Ukrainian Christians today need to learn how to integrate their faith with their professional lives, how to be generous and how to form their own national theology and missiology.


• 350 tertiary institutions
• 26 student groups
• 18 full-time staff workers.
• graduates’ ministry: about 100 core members in touch with over 800 graduates
• largest group 100 students in Simphyropol, Crimea
• smallest group around 8 people

Many good things have been happening in CCX Ukraine over the past few years: consistent leadership, growth of university student groups, a shift to individual fundraising and a new social care ministry that involves students in helping orphans. In addition, a fruitful partnership between CCX and UCCF Great Britain has enabled the Identity Project, through which students were equipped to share the gospel of Mark.

The greatest strength of the movement is CCX alumni who believe in student ministry and help forge relationships with other IFES movements. The main challenge CCX faces is building effective partner relationships with Ukrainian churches and donors.


View from the inside

Denis Gorenkov, the General Secretary, says his Christian identity was formed by CCX. ‘I am thankful for that. I am excited about listening to how students and those they influenced are transformed.’

An inspirational passage for Denis is the healing of the Gadarenes man of the unclean spirit (Mark 5), which shows the amazing power of God. ‘I am also inspired to keep going by the student leadership council, new student groups and dedication of the staff.’


Please pray:

• for students to have a greater consistency in living out their faith;
• for courage in their ministry and stronger partnerships with the church.

CCX Ukraine

Yuliya Nikolaichuk​

General Secretary

Anny Akhmatovoy st. 3a/165

Kiev 02068


+38 (044) 5758879


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