East Asia is a dynamic region with political systems from democracy to communism, economically developed countries and vibrantly developing countries, and a wide variety of histories, cultures and languages. Every country has large numbers of young people who are the driving force in the transformation of society. Christians in East Asia are struggling both to find their identity based on a personal relationship with God, and to be salt and light as God’s people in fast-changing societies.

May 12

Loving your neighbour – Thailand and Japan ‘pre-empt’ World Student Day

Posted by Penny Vinden

When KGK Japan chose the theme for their national conference, they didn’t know it was the theme for this year’s IFES World Student Day! All they knew was that they wanted to love their neighbour. 

Oct 23

You are part of something bigger!

Posted by Penny Vinden

Last Friday the IFES family celebrated World Student Day. As the day unfolded, I had the privilege of watching as students and staff posted pictures of their activities on Facebook, as they tweeted and chatted and Skyped one another.

The excitement and passion of these students is hard to convey in an email, but hopefully this ‘taster’ below will help you savour the moment in retrospect!

Oct 09

Learning to lament

Posted by Penny Vinden

Greetings from Thailand, where I have been attending a gathering of IFES regional teams. Jonathan Lamb, an IFES Vice President, has led us through a series of psalms to discover God as our reality, our identity, our security and our destiny. It has been a time of rest and spiritual refreshment for the teams, who are often stretched to the limit by the challenges of ministry – long hours and  much time spent travelling, as well as difficult pastoral and personal situations.

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