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Population: 12.8 million (2011)

Capital: Dakar  

Official language: French     

Major religion: Islam 

IFES movement: Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Scolaires du Sénégal (GBUSS)


Senegal is a country of contrasts – arid desert in the north and lush tropical forest in the south. It is known for its political stability. While officially there is freedom of religious expression, 90% of the population is Muslim and it is common that new Christians suffer persecution from relatives.



  • 5 universities and many other higher education institutions
  • 15 groups with around 120 members; groups are split when they reach 12 members
  • 10 part-time staff, 2 volunteers
  • graduates support student groups
  • around 20 high school groups
  • largest group in Dakar (123 members, 15 groups)


GBUSS thanks God that they are seeing fruit from their work with high schools: dynamic leaders and students interested in bible study. Developing the high school ministry is a strategy to involve more Senegalese students at university level: currently most university GBUSS members are international students and GBUSS is trying to redress the balance.

The movement has a strong staff team who work well together. Among challenges that they face is the refusal of the private universities to allow the movement to start groups and a lack of finances which threaten training events for student leaders.


Please pray:

  • for increasingly committed GBU members, especially the Senegalese students;
  • for finances to provide good discipleship training events for students;
  • for the ministry among students to be more visible on campus.

GBUSS Senegal

Sidia Badiane

General Secretary

BP 5415 Dakar-Fann


+221 524 61 13

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