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Population:  21 million (2013)

Capital: Bucharest

Official language: Romanian

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Organizația Studenților Creștini Evanghelici din România (OSCER)

Romania is located in south-east Europe. The majority of people claim to be Christian, but in reality most only keep Christian traditions. Approximately 90% of the population belongs to the Romanian Orthodox Church. Many people see their faith as a private matter, which has little connection to everyday life. 



  • 97 accredited universities, 25 seeking accreditation
  • more than 600,000 university students + 220,000 postgraduates
  • IFES groups in 7 university towns & pioneering in 3 others
  • 5 full-time, 3 part-time, around 22 volunteers
  • graduate ministry in 9 towns (50-70 participants)
  • high school ministry in one city (25 students)
  • largest student group in Craiova (about 40 students)
  • smallest group in Sibiu (10 students)

The greatest strength of OSCER is their small group discipleship. They also thank God for recent major events, which have energised and renewed the movement. One such discipleship training conference last autumn led to the creation of over 18 discipleship groups across the country.

The movement is aware of the need for organised, methodical leadership training and people committed to offering this training. They are trusting God for financial provision as their current budget only covers 45 % of their salaries and ministry expenses.


View from the inside

Dragos Vlasceanu is General Secretary of OSCER. He says, ‘What delights me the most about OSCER? Students working and ministering among students and growing as disciples of Christ. The great commission is truly embodied in the mission of OSCER. It is a true blessing and privilege to be part of this fascinating work among students.’

Dragos is inspired when he sees students who are both bold and excited to proclaim Jesus in the university. Students are also inspired to going off campus to reach out to others – in Romania, but also outside of their country.


Please pray:

  • for students to begin a pattern of being and making disciples that would continue throughout their lives;
  • for God to show OSCER new opportunities at universities throughout Romania;
  • for a new generation of leaders who would be open to serving the student movement;
  • for new partners that will come alongside of OSCER and support the movement both prayerfully and financially.

OSCER Romania: National Conference

OSCER Romania will hold National Conference 2014: ‘Picture 2:35 - Apprentices after God's own heart,’ their national conference that brings together all local OSCER groups and all


Laurentiu Popescu

General Secretary

str. Liviu Rebreanu,
no.106 Judet Timis
Timisoara 300748


+ 40 732 731 671


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